Be Aware of Cyclists: National Bicycle Safety Month


May is National Bicycle Safety Month, and at Brown Motors, we want everyone to be safe on the road.  You need to know how to share the road with bicycles. We’ve thrown together a few of more important rules!

First and foremost, expect cyclists to be on the road. It’s dangerous to come around a corner and be surprised by one. Instead, acknowledge that they have as much right to the road as you do and that they are going to be out there!

Sometimes people can find it frustrating to have to slow down behind a cyclist. This can lead to an attempt to pass without first ensuring everyone’s safety. It’s important to be patient. Wait until it is clearly safe to pass for you, the cyclist and oncoming traffic. When you do so, leave ample space between yourself and the cyclist.

Since cyclists ride to the right of the lane, be mindful when you turn right. Also, be aware when you are backing out of your driveway. After parallel parking, check your mirror before opening your door. It’s called getting “doored” and it can cause injuries to the cyclist.

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