New Jeep Concepts Unveiled



In anticipation for the 49th Annual Easter Jeep Safari, 7 new Jeep concepts have been unveiled! Jeep owners from all over the place make their way to the annual event to see the custom-built Jeeps for themselves.

The concepts at the Easter Jeep Safari are always tastefully and tactfully built by Jeep engineers to show off production and prototype Mopar performance parts, but most importantly, their love of design and dedication to the classic off-roaders.

The seven new Jeep concepts are: Jeep Chief, Jeep Staff Car, Jeep Wrangler Africa, Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlander, Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk, Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail, and the Jeep Wrangler Red Rock Responder.

Jeep has always been known for the array of customization options they offer to customers and this event puts the best of the best in front of the public eye. Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar Brand Service, Parts and Customer Care said, “Jeep owners are passionate about their vehicles and Mopar, with Jeep Authentic Accessories and Jeep Performance Parts, offers a full-line of products for them to express this passion through customization, making sure there is no other vehicle like theirs on the road.”

One of the Jeeps we’re most excited to see is the Renegade Desert Hawk, built from the newly released Jeep Renegade! To see all of the custom Jeeps, click here!


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